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  • Lutex Series Paper Board

    LG SB Latex, lutex series are widely used as a binder in paper coating with organic or inorganic pigments such as kaolin clay, calcium carbonate and plastic pigment. As coating speed accelerates, the role of SB latex becomes more important improving printability, runnability and other properties of final products....

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  • Acrylates

    Acrylic acid and acrylate perform excellently in chemical reactions since they have a double bond functional group in the molecule. Their high reactivity is a result of this characteristic. They are used extensively as the raw materials for various reaction processes.....

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  • Neo Pentyl Glycol

    We produce high-purity NPG(Neo Pentyl Glycol) through a new process which we developed ourselves with. We produce and supply a high-purity NPG for manufactures of powder coating, unsaturated resin and urethane resin and alkyd resin. Having two symmetric alcohol groups and two methyl groups in the beta-carbon position, NPG provides excellent reactivity to esterification....

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  • Poly Vinyl Chloride

    Poly Vinyl Chloride Specification Click on more

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